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OTC 3111 OBD II CAN and ABS Scan Tool Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

The OTC 3111 auto code scanner is the kind of product that was mainly designed for the average OTC 3111 user at home, rather than car workshops. It can provide enough help to pin point a problem without having to pay a mechanic a lot of money to find out what is wrong with your vehicle’s on-board computer.

The 3111 from OTC will give you the ability to run diagnostic tests on your vehicle and find any problem, or potential problems in a matter of seconds. It can then allow you to access over 3 million verified fixes so you can solve the problem right away, and not have to lose the use of your car, or certain aspects of your car for a while.

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Data provided by the OTC 3111

Before buying a scanner, it is very important to know what kind of cars it works with. Very few consumer oriented scanner can read every single code so it makes sense to have a look at the details first before spending a dollar.

OTC 3111

The OTC 3111 is able to work with GM, Ford, Toyota and Crysler cars. It can read most general and ABS codes for all models manufactured after 1996. According to the specs, the device holds over 3 million fixes that were verified by ASE technicians.

Using the device

The device itself is rather simple to operate. It comes with four directional navigation buttons, a CodeConnect button, an ‘enter’ and a ‘back’ button. Once scanned, the OTC 3111 will provide solutions based on manufacturer recommendation, model, year and engine type. The data is presented in the form of fix lists and reports such as live graphs and live data feeds.

OTC 3111 reviewDisplay and readings provided

The scanner comes with a monochrome blue screen. Customers that aim for a color display with high resolution will need to pull out a few more hundreds of dollars. The OTC 3111 features a basic display that is big enough to make reading easy. The readings themselves can be showed as basic graphs or simple text lists.


OTC’s scanner can be connected directly to a PC via a micro USB cable. The software included on the CD features official firmware update tools and a few reporting features. However, units manufactured after 2011 will not need an update and the manufacturer is yet to release any news regarding new codes being added.

Additional information

The device comes with a user manual, the software CD, the unit and the power cable. It can be used straight out of the box with no setup required. The software is optional and it is not required to get the unit running.


OTC’s code scanner comes with a very low price tag. Service grade scanners can cost anything up to $8000 but this model is well below $300. It might not be as fast as other models or read a huge number of codes that might even be older than 1996 but it does its job quite decently for the models supported.

This leads to the obvious statement that it is very important to read the specs of the scanner. It would not be very good to get one and find out that it does not read the codes of the car of the owner.

Last thoughts on the OTC 3111 auto code scanner

The 3111 from OTC is practical, easy to use, easy to setup and fairly accessible in terms of pricing. However, expectations should be realistic as this is not a professional car code scanner. But for using at home, you are going to save yourself a ton of time and money. The OTC 3111 is a very fast and reliable auto code scanner, and it will give you tremendous ability to diagnose problems with your vehicle’s onboard computer system.

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