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LAUNCH X431 V+ Full System Scan Tool Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner Bi-Directional Code Reader Actuation Test Key Program ECU Coding and 11 Reset Functions with WiFi Bluetooth Connector 2 Years Free Update

LAUNCH X431 V+ is the newest model of the X431 standard. Built with the best hardware configuration, larger storage capacity, faste r processor, latest display technology (10 inch capacitive touch screen),and bigger battery for a longer use time between recharging. The LAUNCH X431 V+ provides 2 years free updates via convenient one-click online update.


1.Read and clear codes, live data stream, matching, ECU coding for a large amount of makes, including BMW, Benz, Ford and more.

2.Read DTCs and data streams for all automotive system diagnoses, including Engine Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Powertrain and more.

3.Oil Reset Service & Steering Angle Calibration

4.Electronic Parking Brake Reset & Battery Register /Battery Maintenance

5.ABS Bleeding & Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn

6.Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) & Regeneration & Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset

7.Tooth Learning & Anti-theft Matching

8.Active test is to test output elements

Package Contents

1 * Launch X431 V+

1 * DBScarII Bluetooth OBDII Connector

1 * OBDII Extension Cable

6 * Non OBDII Connection Adapters

14 * OBDII Connection Adapters

1 * Power Cable

1 * Bluetooth OBDII Connector Power Cable (Lighter)

1 * Bluetooth OBDII Connector Power Cable (Battery)

1 * User Manual

ECU CODING & ACTIVATION TEST: This scan tool LAUNCH X431 V+ supports ECU coding function on a large amount of makes, including Benz, Ford and more. It also provides Activation Test to test output elements to improve the efficiency of the diagnostic work.
ALL-SYSTEM COVERAGE: Featuring wide vehicle coverage of up to 108 vehicle makes from USA, European, Asian and so on for diagnosing their Fuel system, Emission system, Transmission, Engine, Body, Powertrain and more. This diagnostic scanner LAUNCH X431 V+ also supports 11 special functions.
HIGH-END HARDWARE: Based on Android 7.1, LAUNCH X431 V+ is Wi-Fi/Bluetooth enabled with top-ranking configuration of large storage capacity, advanced 1.2GHz four-core CPU and 10.1″HD IPS screen display, together with massive capacity of battery.
WIRELESS CONVENIENCE: This LAUNCH X431 obd2 scanner communicates with most vehicles wirelessly via Bluetooth OBD2 connector module & Wi-Fi function; uses the tool freely either when you are under the hood or at workbench owing to wireless feature.
WARRANTY & SERVICE: The LAUNCH X431 V+ carries a complete 12-month guarantee from date of sale to ensure it is reliable and suitable for diagnosing work, and 2 years free update at our official site for user’s convenience.

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