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Innova 3140 Diagnostic Code Scanner Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

While most car code readers are designed for vehicles manufactured after 1996, the Innova 3140g Innova 3140gwas designed for older cars as well as the post ’96 models. The manufacturers managed to include some professional features without making the device inaccessible to home users because of a high price tag. It is an affordable device and provides a great deal of functionality too.

Some of its features are found mostly in products that cost a lot more than the Innova 3140, and are used by professional mechanics. The live data it is able to stream will give you an incredibly detailed look at your vehicles onboard computer system, so you can quickly identify any problems and then find the most relevant fix for it.

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A closer look at the Innova 3140

Innova 3140 reviewData provided

The 3140 can read all GM cars from 1982 to 1993 and some models from 1994 and 1995. Ford, Mercury and Lincoln cars dated between 1983 and 1995 are also supported. Toyota or Lexus error codes are recognized for models manufactured between 1991 and 1995 while Chrysler, dodge and Plymouth models are supported only for cars produced during 1984 till 1995.

Jeep models are only supported if they were manufactured between 1993 and 1995. This vast range of car manufacturers and models really makes the Innova 3140 stand out from other auto code scanners, as most are very limited as to the cars they will work on.

Ease of use

Innova’s code reader is rather similar to other models. In fact it has one less button. Using it might take a couple of minutes to get used to for the first time but the device is fairly intuitive to operate due to indicators around the buttons.

If by any chance the user fails to figure out how to use it on its own, the manual can be used. Innova-3140-4aAdditionally, the software CD contains some video guides that who how to use the product and how to interpret data.

Display and readings

The model uses a patented all-in-one display that can show more than 20+ values on the screen. It uses a blue monochrome backlit led display to deliver information in a need-to-read fashion. The display features a freeze function which prevents data refresh.


Things get a little bit complicated when it comes to connectivity. Since the product reads error codes from so many cars, having only a standard cable that works with all the models is nearly impossible as here is no standard connection.

The package contains no less than 5 different cables that are associated with various models and manufacturers. It might be required to check the user manual to find out which cable needs to be used for a particular type of car. The device can also be connected to a PC via a mini USB cable for software updates.

Additional information

The model features a build-in internal memory that can be used to store the codes or reading history. When used, the device automatically refreshes the data once every 30 seconds, making it easier to notice when the problem has been fixed. It can remain connected to the car while the repair is being done.


The price tag of the device makes it one of the best options for the average consumer that does not have thousands of dollars to spend on a professional model. It can handle the above mentioned models without any major issues but it can seem complicated when looking at all the connection cables.

Last thoughts on the Innova 3140g

The 3140 code scanner from Innova is very easy to use, and provides a great deal of information to help diagnose any problems in the onboard computer system. You do not need to have any prior experience when using the 3140, it is very intuitive and will be easy to navigate through the various menus it has. The Innova 3140 is a reliable code scanner and provides great value for money.

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