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Innova 3120 Diagnostic Code Scanner Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Products like the Innova 3120 prove to be a great tool for car owners that like to do their own repairs. Not everyone enjoys taking their car to a repair shop, especially when they get the bill for it. There are still many owners that like to spend their own time fixing the car.

Using the 3120 from Innova can prove to be a money saving practice especially since the device itself is quite affordable. Since professional car code reading devices tend to cost thousands of dollars, the Innova can save a lot of money due to its low price tag.

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A closer look at the Innova 3120

Data provided

Innova’s reader was designed to work with newer and older cars, with the OBDI and OBDII. It can read GM cars manufactured between 1982 and 1993 and some 1994 and 1995 models, Mercury, Lincoln and Ford built between 1983 and 1995, Toyota and Lexus from 1991 and all the way up till 1995, Jeep between 1993 and 1995 and Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth manufactured between 1984 and 1995.

Innova 3120

Ease of use

The ones that are familiar with the Innova products will have no issues using it the moment they open the box. The Innova 3120 is almost identical to their other models with the only difference being the cars supported.

Everyone else might want to spend a couple of minutes reading the manual or watching the videos included on the software CD. Some might find their way around just looking at the button descriptions on the device itself.

It is worth mentioning that the device works on batteries and might be advised to have spare ones if the reader will be used for extended periods of time.

Innova-3120-2aDisplay and readings

Innova used their patented all-in-one display capable of showing more than 20+ pieces of data on the same screen. It uses a blue monochrome backlit LED display that can fit all the required information on the screen without having to use the navigation buttons.

The device is also capable of displaying real time data. Innova used their automatic refresh feature that updates the data on the display every 30 seconds. This means that it can be kept connected to the car while a repair is being done to monitor the error as it gets fixed.


Like all their products, the Innova 3120 can be connected to a PC via a mini USB cable that is also used for firmware updates. In the package, users will also find two car connection cables and three adapters that will need to be used based on the car model.

Additional information

Since the device itself was designed to work with older models, it does not support ABS and SRS Innova-3120-3acode reading. However, Innova has other products from the same line that can handle these errors but do not support models older than 1996.

Last thoughts on the Innova 3120

The price point of this device is one of its most appealing features. Being priced at a little over $100, the 3120 can save a lot of money on repairs. Similar professional devices can sell for tens of times more than that. For a simple car owner, the code reader will prove to be more than useful. The Innova 3120 is both affordable and versatile in terms of models supported.

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