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Actron CP9580A Auto Scanner Plus Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

The Actron CP9680 Auto-Scanner Plus is one of the best products on the market when it comes toActron CP9580a vehicle diagnostic scan devices. This OBD II compatible scanner is ideal for both professional automotive specialists and advanced DIYers.

While traditional hand-held auto scanners typically capture and analyze data, the Actron CP9680     auto scanner can also be used to help prioritize troubleshooting using the best likely solution determined by going through all the top reported solutions specific to the vehicle’s engine, make, model, and year of manufacture.

Simply pressing the code connect button makes the scanner quickly prioritize and pinpoint the most appropriate solution from over 4.3 million verified solutions. This fast and effective solution will enable you to locate and fix any problems with your onboard computer system.

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A closer look at the  Actron CP9680

Data provided

The CP9580a is compatible with all CAN and OBD-2 vehicles 1996 or newer and included enhanced ABS and Asian code coverage record and play the data screen. The gadget reads and displays the I/M monitors as well as the MIL status.

What’s more, when you purchase the Actron CP9580a, you can forget about leafing through pages of code definition manuals as it has an electronic code look up library. You can access both manufacturer specific and generic code definitions from the screen.

The device can work either with optional battery power or draw power directly through its OBD 11 connector, so you can use it in many different situations.

Actron CP9580a reviewEase of use

Despite being one of the more sophisticated models on the market, the Actron CP9580a Auto-Scanner Plus is quite easy to use. The device has an attached OBD 2 16-pin connector that provides both power and data linkages. The rugged housing and 8 ft cable are both grease and oil resistant for increased durability. The menu is very user friendly and you can access all sorts of information in a snap.

CodeConnect technology

This is comprised of an extensive database of over 4.3 million verified fixes for the problem codes that trigger you vehicle’s “check engine” light. Once device identifies the problem and generates the right error code, all you have to do is press the CodeConnect button on the keypad to get the “top reported fix” for that particular problem.

Display and readings

The CP9580a is equipped with a large easy to read LCD screen that displays all the trouble codes,Actron-CP9580a-4a their definition, solution and a host of other data. The screen:

  • Displays real time engine data live
  • Displays all the nine modes of the worldwide OBD 2 data.
  • Displays enhanced error code definitions.
  • Displays a custom data list for your live data

The CP9580a auto scanner also offers ABS code reader function that makes compatible with the newer Ford, Chrysler and GM vehicles.


All the connectivity cables you will ever need with the Actron CP9580a are shipped with the device. These include:

  • OBD II cable
  • 8 foot extension cable
  • USB cable

Actron-CP9580a-3aThe USB cable provides PC connectivity, a feature that allows you to update firmware and print data logs from the gadget.

Last thoughts on the Actron CP9580a

If you are in the market for an auto scanner offering OBDII, expanded ABS and CAN coverage, then the CP9580a Auto Scanner Plus may just be what you need. It is packed with features and has received many good reviews from users attesting to the quality of this gadget. For the price of the Actron CP9580a, you are getting a lot of quality and value for your money.

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