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Actron CP9550 Pocket Scan Plus Auto Code Scanner Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

With over 4 decades of experience in designing and manufacturing reliable yet affordable vehicle diagnostic tools, the Actron Product line now boasts a catalog of products offering something for everyone, regardless of experience level.

The Actron CP9550 Pocket Scan Plus auto diagnostic code scanner is one of the brand’s entry level products. It offers good functionality and provides features and benefits that any technician or owner will want to take advantage of.

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Key features of the Actron CP9550

Data provided

Most of the CP9550’s popularity stems from the fact that it read and display more data than competing tools thereby giving you a more comprehensive picture of the your vehicle’s state. The tool:

  • Automatically reads Diagnostic Trouble codes (DTCs) when connected for faster diagnostics.
  • Displays generic and manufacturer specific OBD II code definition for all vehicles manufacturer post 1996.
  • Scans for and displays the vehicle’s MIL and I/M monitor status. This makes it easy for you to establish whether your vehicle will pass your state’s emission tests.
  • Reads and displays all pending codes
  • Scans for and displays the freeze frame data
  • Automatically scans for the Vehicle ID Number and displays it.

Actron CP9550

Ease of use

Despite being one of the most sophisticated and sought after auto code scanner on the market, the Actron CP9550 is remarkably easy to use. You do not have to worry about figuring out complicated menus or leafing through error code manuals.

The device reads the code when you press the one touch read button and displays the error code definition on the screen. To erase the code, simply press the delete button.

Actron CP9550 reviewConnectivity

The CP9550 Pocket Scan Plus is a CAN (controller area network) compliant diagnostic code reader that utilizes the standard 16 pin OBD 22 connector which is permanently attached to the unit.

The CAN functionality allows the auto code reader to interact with all the diagnostic sub-systems in the vehicle to provide freeze frame data. This essentially involves taking a snapshot of the overall sensor readings from the cars’ CPU at the time an MIL event is taking place (this is the point at which the dreaded “check engine” light comes on.

To read error codes from your vehicle, simply connect the OBD II cable to your cars’ DLC (data link connector). This OBD II compliant input port is normally located beneath the dashboard.

Display and readings

This auto diagnostic tool is equipped with a large, back-lit LCD screen that displays the menu, Actron-CP9550-3aerror codes and their definitions among others.

Last thoughts on the Actron CP9550

According to most reviewers, the CP9550 Pocket Scan Plus diagnostic code reader is the most one of the most powerful, feature rich coder readers available. Reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes is just one of the many tasks it was designed to handle.

The CP9550 also provides VIN info and Freeze Frame data in addition to other tasks. You can use it both before and after repairs to ensure that no new problems were created when trying to solve the old ones. The device is also small and compact, making it easy to use and store away. Overall, the Actron CP9550 is a very good quality entry-level auto scanner that is ideal for the home user.

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