Actron CP9125 Pocketscan Code Reader Review

Actron CP9125If you have not used a code reader for your vehicle before, you will love the amount of data you are able to access with one. This useful tool, which is commonly known as an auto scanner, can be connected with your car’s CPU through a special serial port.

It allows the scanner to interface with the vehicle, and uses all kinds of auto diagnostic tools, protocols and processes to let you know precisely what is wrong with your car, if there are any problems at all. This article is going to look at all the features offered by one of the best entry level car code readers on the market, the new Actron CP9125 Pocketscan auto code reader.

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A closer look at the Actron CP9125

Data provided

The Actron CP9125 Pocketscan Code Reader is essentially a retrieval tool for all OBD II diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) from your car’s cpu. It is able to retrieve this when the gadget’s data cable is connected to a special port on your car’s cpu. This will allow you to very quickly and easily, why your car’s “check engine light” is on or whether one of your vehicle’s many components is not working properly.

Once you’ve determined what or if something is wrong with your car and solved the problem, you Actron CP9125 reviewcan use the provided CP9125 Actron Pocketscan tool to switch the “check engine” or any other warning light that may have been triggered by the problem.

Ease of use

The Actron CP9125 is very easy to use regardless of whether you are a novice or experienced user who likes taking care of your car from your home. It comes with a convenient code manual that will get you started in no time.

The CP9125 is an entry level gadget so the error isn’t displayed on the screen. Rather, you would have to leaf through the code conversion pages provided in the manual. The error codes are also explained in the software CD provided with the gadget. However, the application is only for PCs.

It has a compact design that allows it to fit easily into your hands or pockets. It is compatible with all the new import and domestic vehicles on the market including CAN. But you do not have to worry about the gadget becoming obsolete when you purchase a future vehicle as it can be updated to offer compatibility to future vehicles.

Display and readings

The CP9125 code reader’s user interface consists of a small monochrome LCD screen and 2 switches. The device does not run on batteries. After plugging the 17 inch cable into the car, all you need to do is press the “read” button to see all the power train problem codes generated by your car’s CPU float across the monochrome screen.

Actron CP9125 auto code scanner

You can erase any faults but the Actron CP9125 Pocketscan neither reads the codes for chassis, networking or body problems nor does pull up past error codes from the vehicle’s memory.


The Actron CP9125 Pocketscan Code Reader comes with an attached OBD II 19-pin connector cable which connects to the car’s OBDII port.

Actron-CP9125-4Additional information

Easy to read and connect, the CP9125 will quickly find faults in your car regardless of it make or origin as long as it was manufactured after 1996. The scanner is inexpensive enough for everyone to have one in their vehicle’s glove box.

Last thoughts on the Actron CP9125 Pocketscan code reader

The CP9125 from Actron is an entry level auto code scanner, yet it is capable of running diagnostics for a wide range of computer problems with your vehicle. It is very easy to use and you can get fast and accurate results from the unit.

This ability to find problems with your vehicle can potentially save you a lot of money, and also a potential down-time of your vehicle. The Actron CP9125 Pocketscan code reader is a great entry-level model and provides a lot of value for money.

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